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DJ IKIGAI is a Perth-based artist with a passion for music that began at a young age in 2007. Since then, Ikigai has honed their skills and pursued their passion, studying at SAE Institute and even producing music for the international online video game AuditionSea.

With performances at many of Perth’s premier venues, as well as various events, festivals, and international shows, Ikigai has come a long way from their humble beginnings at backyard parties and underground warehouse raves.

Today, they are a sought-after act, frequently supporting big names in the industry and playing at events suchs as Trancition, Zodiak, Wonderland Dance Party, Liquid Kandy and serving as the resident DJ of Hoshi: Afterdark. Don’t miss the chance to experience IKIGAI’s Happy Hardcore & Hardstyle high energy and upbeat set live at Hoshi’s SmashCon After Party! 


ChaosX’s name exploded in the scene after winning Australia’s biggest music festival DJ competition at Unleashing an Eclectic Experience with Electrifying Energy.

Since then, he has honed his craft and has shared the stage with local and international artists including Timmy Trumpet, Headhunterz, Marlo, Will Sparks, Ben Nicky, Gareth Emery, Ferry Corsten, and has become a highly sought-after act at some of Australia’s most prestigious music festivals and clubs such as FestivalX, Stereosonic, WAO SuperClub Sydney to name a few. 

ChaosX has been captivating audiences with his high-energy stage presence and technical mastery on the decks. This led to ChaosX consistently playing clubs across Australia and solidifying his presence as a resident DJ at Perth’s biggest nightclub, Metro City. 

Hailing from the vibrant music scene of Australia, ChaosX now has Asia in his sights.  With his diverse style incorporating EDM, Hardstyle, and Asian Pop music in his sets, this Aussie talent without a doubt will be making waves across Australia and beyond.


Vyxsynn debut at our first ever Hoshi After Dark in 2021. High energy selekta Vyxsynn has been frenzying crowds across pop culture events. Her signature bass sets are a smorgasbord of multi-genre flavours, with her most requested dish being drum and bass having been served in Perth and interstate. Drawing from her roots in the emo scene,  her music bleeds with breakdown infused drops that always keep the crowd hungry for more.

Vyxsynn has started 2023 off with a bang supporting international artists both interstate in Perth and her set is definitely one you don’t want to miss!


Hannya has been playing for Hoshi Events since 2022. Hannya comes from Perth and is a self-described “feels” DJ. Hannya’s selections feature energetic and emotional styles which are sure to make you feel awe, nostalgia, and maximum emotional damage all at the same time. Winning Runners-up in Perth’s round of Your shots in 2022, Dj Hannya continues to heighten his skills to the next level.

Hannya has played in events all over Perth including KKlub, E-Girl Nexus, Absolute Kpop, Respawn and is now the resident Dj of Hoshi After Dark. 

Hold hands, hug your buddies, and get ready to dance as Hannya takes you on a Future Bass and Euphoric Hardstyle feels journey you don’t want to miss.

Welcome Our Guest Performers

Stelluna Dance

Stelluna are a cosplay dance group from Perth, Western Australia.

They love to create cosplay performances and have been performing together for 7 years! Say it loud! Say it proud! Say it in sparkles!